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What is the purpose of a CV

  • To inform the employer about your personal details like education,work experience,skills and interests.
  • The aim of a CV is to get an interview for a specific job for which you have applied.
  • To show how you meet the criteria so the employer cannot deselect you.
  • To attract your qualities and to persuade the employer to invite you for an interview.
  • An ongoing Process.
  • Used for academic, scientific, research or medical positions; submitting manuscripts for publication; tenure review and applying for grants or fellowships.
  • Self-promotion Document.
  • Provides summary of what you want to discuss in an interview.
  • For applicants.
  • To initially weed out unsuitable candidates.
  • To select suitable applicants.
  • Explore, Experience and Connect.
  • Show how you are unique in your ability to add value to the organization.
  • The key purpose of your CV is purely to convince a prospective employer of your employability and to arrange an interview or a meeting with you; it is primarily a gateway to an interview.
  • A CV is a snapshot of your career history.
  • It is used to evaluate your suitability for a specific role that you have applied for.
  • A manager or recruiter will be comparing CV’s and will select those that most closely demonstrate the candidate’s ability to effectively perform the task required.

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Online Resume Creator - Cv For You | How To Create a Resume - CV For You


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