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Common pitfalls in writing a CV

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There are many things a person must avoid when writing a CV. Let us try to find out what these irritants are:

  • Keep your resume error free,both in terms of language and facts.The errors in your CV may make a consultant think that if you are so careless with your CV ,how can you be careful about the job?
  • Give by only the relevant information about yourself.Do not write everything about your life.Nobody is interested in your personal background.
  • Uncomfortable zones must not be touched upon in a CV;similarly the glorious events in your life may not sound so glorious to the recruiter.
  • Irritants such as failure in exam,marriage or business may be left to be discussed during the interview.They should not form a part of the CV.
  • Never give wrong information.
  • Do not beat around the bush. Irrelevant information can frustrate the attempt of a recruiter to find a CV amongst a heap of CV's.Try to convince the recruiter with relevant information only.
  • Avoid flamboyant and flowery language.The sections in your CV telling about who I am what are my strengths where I would like to be in ten years,should not give the impression that the applicant is boastful of his self.
  • Do not send your photograph unless it is specifically asked for.
  • Do not touch upon unnecessary details such as reasons for leaving your last job, the details of the perks and other facilities you get in your present job, etc .These , if required might be discussed during the interview.
  • Never send a poor quality photocopied CV, this can only give an impression that you are applying to a lot of places.
  • Family achievements and family background will unnecessarily waste precious space of your CV.

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Online Resume Creator - Cv For You | How To Create a Resume - CV For You


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