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Career Planning

Career planning is a lifelong process in selecting an occupation, locating career opportunities, professionally developing one’s self in a career, and possibly changing one’s career. It may happen once in your lifetime, but it is more likely to happen several times as an individual gains experience and redefines his or her self due a combination of their personal and/or career goals.

Self-assessment is the first step of gathering information about yourself in order to make an informed career decision. It is the first step of the career planning process and is often conducted with the help of a career development professional. Self-assessments measure:

  • Interests
  • Values
  • Roles
  • Skills/Aptitudes
  • Preferred Environments
  • Developmental Needs
  • Your realities

What is Career Development?

Career development is an ongoing process, one that you should be focused on as you approach a career and progress through it. Career development helps you take stock of who you are and where you want to go in life. In order to achieve growth, continue learning, and achieve momentum in your career you must assess your situation and your goals frequently, otherwise you doom yourself to the fate of a robot working a daily routine.

Here are a few career development questions you can ask yourself:

It is human nature to expect growth and development.In an environment of change,a person as an individual or working in a company must alwaysstrive to be better and grow.The best of salary and the best of perks cannot give any morale boost if career progression and planning is not taken care of properly.

What is the need of a Career Plan?

Career Planning essentially means helping the employees to plan their career in terms of their capabilities and to follow as principles in life. Give a few minutes to yourself and try to think if at all we are on the right path. Here we will introduce a great person in history to keep his character traits at high standards with his hardwork and the sacrifice.

Mohandas as he was known in his childhood, was a staunch supporter of truth and honesty. He attended a school in a small town of Gujarat. Once the Inspector of Schools was scheduled to inspect. Everybody was very alert and the headmaster was especially keen to present a better image of the school. The Inspector went to the class in which Mohandas was a student. To ascertain the knowledge of the students, he gave them a few dictations. The spelling Mohandas wrote was not right, the teacher was standing in front of him. He hinted to Mohandas to copy the right answer from the boy next to him. Mohandas refused to budge knowing well that the teacher would not spare him for his refusal once the Inspector left the class. This was an ordinary incident but the foundation that was based on such truth and honesty was good enough to make Gandhi out of the little boy. He deserved to become the Father of the Nation.

Online Resume Creator - Cv For You | How To Create a Resume - CV For You


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